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Notable Landmarks in Nottingham


Nottingham has earned its fame mostly through legends and tales of old. However, it’s much more than a story.

Nottingham has earned its fame mostly through legends and tales of old. However, it’s much more than a story. It is home to quite a few heritage buildings, memorials, and monuments. The most significant is definitely Nottingham Castle, though it has undergone renovation since being originally built. Even so, it’s a sight that you would hate to miss.
There are other great attractions to check out in Nottingham. The sandstone caves are a must, as is the Wollaton Hall. After you’ve seen the sights, what better to complete your trip than a bite and a drink at one of England’s most noteworthy pubs?
Let’s take a look at each of these locations in detail.


This magnificent estate was originally built hundreds of years ago. Near after the Civil War, it was knocked down and a replacement built around 250 years ago. It can be described as a classical ducal mansion. Since it is built on raised ground, it’s a fantastic place to take in unforgettable views. You can visit the cafe on one side of the castle, and enjoy some treats outdoors while taking in the city view. There’s even a museum and art gallery inside where you can learn about Nottingham’s fascinating background. The grounds are well-kept, with flowers, areas for picnics, and spaces for children to play. If you choose to venture down to the dungeons, you’ll get to visit King David’s dungeon, a wine cellar, and take your pick of the tunnels and caves they have opened to explore. Mortimer’s Hole is a good choice as it leads to the Brewhouse Yard.


There are a number of sandstone caves and underground tunnels that run underneath Nottingham. People say that they have been there since medieval times. You don’t need to travel far to see these caves. In fact, all you’ve gone to do is make your way to the Broadmarch Shopping Centre, where there is an entrance to an old sandstone cave with cellars, an old air- raid shelter, a tannery, and even a representation of how old Victorian slums used to be.


Wollaton Hall is a mere 5 kilometers away from the heart of the city, boasting magnificent architecture from five centuries ago. There are extensive plains, landscaped gardens, and even a museum of natural history. You can also visit the Courtyard Stables, which now is an art gallery and a steam engine house. There’s also an Industrial Museum where you can enjoy taking a peek at peculiar objects and things from long ago.


This pub is lauded as one of England’s oldest and strangest establishments. It is walking distance from the Nottingham Castle, in Brewhouse Yard. In lieu of formal construction, this tavern was carved into the rock hundreds of years ago. You can enjoy ale or other English bites here, while sitting among the rock and dark wood, or should you choose, the outdoor seating. It’s a great chance to pick up souvenirs, too - they’re always being sold over the bar.
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